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YES!!! I just got a phone call that I made the second interview! One step closer to getting a contract with the modeling agency. ^.^

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Can you give out info about the modeling place and how you got started? I want to model too but i have no idea how to start and google gives no answers. :(

I am uncomfortable naming the modeling agency right now since some people follow me on my blog and also I haven’t even gotten the contract yet. Although, when I do get the contract, I am willing to say the modeling agency. You should probably do some research on the strict environment that models have to go through because it’s definitely true. Also, most modeling agencies want you to meet a strict criteria when it comes to physical appearance. In my case, I “passed” the first test because I am 6”1.5, slim, broad shoulders, and etc. Although, my skin isn’t “ideal” it’s definitely something that can be easily fixed via diet and exercise. Idk what you want to know exactly, but I guess you can have that as a start. I’m not really a model YET, so I can’t really give you much. I actually found this place out because I was referred by a friend to become a model. I hope that helped a little.

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Today I had an interview at a modeling agency. According to the reviews, the modeling agency is very safe for their models so I don’t have to worry about that aspect. Now all I have to worry about is actually getting the job. This is probably one of the more enjoyable interviews I’ve had. It’s also the longest interview I’ve ever had. It was 45 minutes long… I have no modeling experience, but they said they are willing to teach me. They think I have the looks and attitude to “make it.” Apparently, they have very large clientele as well, so that’s always exciting. One of the most exciting things they told me during the interview is that, if I make it towards the second interview, I can possibly travel around to many places and have all my expenses paid. Also the pay will be 70 at least per hour… That’s insane… My whole life I’ve been making $9-$20 an hour, ahaha. Hmm… if I actually have to decide this company’s best quality it’s that they’re are Christian. They work for many Christian events and hold many charities with their work. Hopefully all goes well and I’ll be able to get the job. The 1 problem I do have though is that the earliest I start will be when I start school. So I’ll be juggling as a model and a full time student. I think I will be able to handle the load, but only time will tell. :]

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